Yarn bowls are a beautiful, new, fun tool for knitters and crochetters, to keep a wayward ball of yarn close by.  Inside the glossy surface of the bowl, a yarn ball will merrily tumble along, guided by a smoothly carved channel or threaded through a single hole, while you knit.

    No more chasing around table legs for the ball and no more pet hair, crumbs and dust to pull off.

    The bowls are a bit of art and craft combined; each one is an individual made on the potter’s wheel, trimmed and then hand painted with earth materials and signed by a master potter – me!  -  Phyllis Handal. 

    I am also an avid knitter, so they cater to two of my top passions – knitting and art.  No two bowls are exactly alike  - they make fantastic gifts for fellow fiber friends or just for yourself.

    They measure approximately 7.5”x 4” and are shown with about 400 yards of sock weight yarn.